US ZIP Code Basic Edition

US ZIP Code Basic Edition

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Overview of US ZIP Code Basic Edition

The complete US ZIP Code Basic Edition database contains over 80,000 precise records and includes a total of 9 data fields.

List of inclusive data fields:
ZIP Code, City, State, Area Code, County Name, Primary Record, City Alias Name, City Type & Mailing Name.

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Other Licensing Options

Although our usage terms prohibit reselling our raw database records, Redistribution License is available for developers to redistribute our database together with commercially-developed applications. Kindly refer to the Redistribution License Terms for more details.

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US ZIP Code Basic Edition Data Format and Required Disk Space

FormatExtensionSize (Compressed)Size (Uncompressed)
Comma Separated ValueDownload Full Dataset.csv0.89MB5.19MB
Microsoft ® Excel 2007Download Full Dataset.xlsx3.42MB3.52MB
Microsoft ® AccessDownload Full Dataset.mdb2.62MB16.88MB
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US ZIP Code Basic Edition Database Fields Definition

Field No.Field NameData TypeDescriptions
1PostalCodechar(5)00000-99999 Five digit numeric ZIP Code of the area.
2Cityvarchar(50)City name as designated by United States Postal Service.
3Statechar(2)The U.S. two digit state code. Sort on this field to get all your data grouped by state.
4AreaCodevarchar(55)The telephone area code(s) of the particular postal zone (zip code).
5CountyNamevarchar(45)The county or parish where the ZIP Code resides. As with any of our data fields
6PrimaryRecordchar(1)This column indicates the "primary" city name within a given zip code, as designated by United States Postal Service.
7CityAliasNamevarcharThis may be the name of a city, a postal entity, a community or a city alternate name. There may be more than one alias names for a ZIP Code.
8CityTypechar(1)This field indicates the type of locale in field CityAliasName. Refer to table for all city types.
9MailingNamechar(1)Yes or No (Y/N) flag indicating whether or not the USPS accepts this City Alias Name for mailing purposes.